Rehearsal video for Talbot, September 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 2:57 PM


Nothing too special technically, but I've been meaning to get back to video. It used to be my main hobby...before I got a computer, a decade and a half ago.
I tried to include a bit more than just a static image of the guys playing with a few cuts, but since the music's largely improvised, and there wasn't much time, I didn't end up with as much usable material as I wished. Still, a good exercise on getting to know FinalCut and such.

Kristiine Keskus Jeans Campaign, April 2008

at 2:32 PM
Final image:

Source images:

Kristiine Keskus Prints
For Taevas Ogilvy / AD: Reimo ├Ľun / Photography: Kalle Veesaar / Copy: Lauri Tikerpe

The idea was to have their feet be of etheral energy, which tied in to typography. I didn't do the typography, that was all Reimo, but I like how the color turned out and the pink stayed nicely neon even on the worst of newspaper papers. The splashes were combined from the photos of real paint that you see in the source and just plain old drawn when needed.