Amserv Auto Peugeot, May 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009 at 4:02 PM
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Amserv Auto Peugeot, May 2009
For Taevas Ogilvy / AD: Helis Podnek / Photography: Egert Ots / Copy: Lauri Tikerpe

Since Amserv Auto became the official Peugeot distributor in Estonia, we did some prints that showed their mascot, the Lion, in new salons, getting pampered. The deadline was really tight, but still we insisted we get better results and the thing done faster, if we shoot the background ourselves, in stead of relying on stock images. So the guys at Hair House endured us for 20 minutes on a busy day, and it made a world of difference.
I could blend the mane of the lion to the real hair pretty easily, and after getting rid of the clutter in the background, it wasn't too hard to draw and paste the rest of the hair, and add some mirrors for a salon look. The only thing that remained and still bothers everyone but I can't do anything about is -- what real barber would cut hair like that?