A. Le Coq Special Red Launch Campaign

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 3:12 PM

A. Le Coq Special Red Launch Campaign
For Taevas Ogilvy / AD: Anni Mäger / Photography, Initial Compositing: Herkki Merila / Copy: Arno Jürjens

While the original image was beautiful in it's own right, there were some issues to fix. For starters, being an advertisement for red beer, the overall tonality needed to be a bit more reddish. The other big change was to the model, who seemed a bit too young for the theme, so I emphasized the shadows on her face and inflated her chest a bit (a collective decision, please believe me). But overall there wasn't much else, some small fixes to the sofa, and rebuilt the background so there would be more of the image for the special fold-outs in magazines.