sanofi-aventis Essentiale Forte Campaign

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 6:58 PM
Final image:

Source images:

sanofi-aventis Magne B6 Campaign
For Taevas Ogilvy / AD: Helis Podnek / Photography: Kalle Veesaar / Copy: Lauri Tikerpe / Stylist: Ester Kannelmäe

This one sure was fun to do. First, we drew and planned out the shots, then headed to The Three Sisters hotel (apparently a hotspot for local celebrities getting photographed in a tub), where we did the background. After a few tries and even considering doing an HDR take, we settled on a long exposure, which gave the perfect "Michael Buble in the background" mood.
The garbage bag was added so I didn't have to fake the shadow or scale of the liver later, making the compositing that much easier.
So, when we had that one, we headed off to the studio to shoot the liver, which was a large pig one. If you've ever handled a raw liver, you'll understand what trouble we had to go through to get it to take any sort of shape resembeling a human organ. Finally, we ended up nailing it to a wall, as you can see from the close up.
After that it was fairly straight forward compositing work, removing the lights, soap dispensers etc. The hardest part were actually the bubbles, and while I did have a number of source images, I ended up straight up drawing most of them.